Ringing in 2018!

Happy New Year!

It’s only January and I feel like I’ve already had a very long year!  I’m sure you can relate.  It seems as I get older, the less time there is – minutes and days just whoosh by.  Or maybe, I’m moving extra slow and feel like I have less time to get things done.  Either way, I don’t have enough time during the day.  Before I know it, it will be February.

This is my first blog post.

I’ve waited too long to start this blog.  I should have started two years ago.  That would have been for fun.

Then, last year, my brother-in-law passed away.  My safe, wonderful life was turned upside down.

This blog will revisit what happened to my family and how we were affected last year, mainly so I can get it out of my mind and address it head on so I can begin to heal from the pain.

I spent a lot of last year taking care of things that really need to get done.  Still am.  My 5 year old nephew needs a home.  I didn’t have time to “be quiet” and take in what happened.  I cry even as I type this today.  I’m still working on getting things situated – let’s just say, the court battle for my nephew is still a battle and on the home front, things have not settled down yet.

A few months before Dan passed away in June 2017, Philip and I were making big plans to change our living situation, so that we can take care of my aging parents who are nearing retirement.  In March 2017, we also booked a trip for Barcelona and Rome to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday in February 2018.  Of course, God answered my prayers (praise be to God) and threw in some wrenches in there to make my life interesting.  More later on what I mean by having my prayers answered.  Fast forward to today, and our plans to help my parents are finally playing out.

So this is my first blog.  I won’t overwhelm you with all the details 🙂  More to come on all of it.

It’s late and I’m sleepy!  Happy New Year!  A toast to you, my brothers and sisters.  I wish you health and wealth in love, prayers, and faith in the coming year.

Today’s Silver Lining: I’m alive and healthy and published my first blog!