D Day (demolition begins!)

As we were still moving items in the garage, these guys arrived as planned.  They do not waste time and they work HARD!

Kitchen cabinets are gone and sink and counter tops are being demo’d.  The old yellow paint color is exposed.  IMG_0058

Day 1 – Done!5378BAB7-B42F-48C8-9623-7DFA5E702660

Going to re-use this microwave in the upstairs kitchenette.  It was pretty much brand new.AE54AF50-D280-4971-95AD-4787A11ADF4C

As the week continued, more areas of the house was demo’d.

We visited at night a few days later to check on the progress.  The Brazilian cherry floors in the living room, kitchen and family room are gone.  The ceiling drywall is also taken down. CC1437B2-6559-41F6-B8B1-4615200BE761


Walls to the first bedroom are gone.  92800187-FB4D-4B09-B8FB-51BCC02684DF

Philip looking into what used to be the first bedroom.  In our architectural plan, this bedroom is going away to have a formal dining area. 1FAED2FF-F5AB-4C2A-84EC-75739A51FFF8

Looking into the first bedroom, which we can now see through to the family room.309A05D0-D3B5-44CB-B4D5-99522E4195D5

Week 2 – More demo!

Fireplace is gone.  I cried over losing this fireplace but I need to make room for my new kitchen.  I didn’t cry long.  67860AC5-022C-4618-B910-58BE2891BAB1


This is the master bathroom. 79BB73AD-81B2-4160-A401-9DA2D8EAB406

Closet is removed to make space for the shower.  That old shower was so tiny.  I always bumped my arms into the shower door and I’m only 5’1″.  The layout in my new bathroom will be pretty much the same.  A tub will go where the shower currently is and a larger shower will be where the closet was opened up (right side of the picture below).72BC619B-09E8-4D37-8FF3-36DCD27F5A1F

They are also taking a portion of the second smaller closet to expand the vanity, to have a double sink.  FB2730AA-6BAA-41AA-A1B0-3028966A0B46

Ceilings are also being removed now in this section of the house which has all the current bedrooms.0591FE35-5C4E-473B-8525-DF01700ECBBF

Definitely a lot of excitement for me when I see new piles of trash in the yard, indicating progress is being made each day!

Silver living:  Moldy bathroom, goodbye!