Foundations and Footings

This step in the project started in mid-January.  They opened up floors and started digging holes all around the house soon after the brazilian wood floors were cleared out.

First, there were small piles of dirt in the living room, then the master bedroom, then the other two bedrooms, then the garage, then the backyard.

Then the piles of dirt got bigger and bigger.  For a long time, the house was left in this state.  It seemed like the construction project came to a halt, except there was work going on, evidenced by the new piles of dirt and debris left all around the house and the yard.

The inspector came yesterday and gave us the thumbs up for all the re-bar work.  Today, almost two months later, the concrete has been poured.  It is a huge milestone day for this project!






They also started to frame up the wall that had termite damage.  We moved the door opening to the backyard by a few feet, where the old window was.  I’m thinking of replacing it with french doors.  When we have parties, we can leave the doors wide open.  My husband can be in and out with the bbq and lay it right on the island that is going in the middle of that room.



The pile of wood in the middle of the space is a recent delivery of the floor joists.  They are going to work on that next.  Right after that is done, they will begin to frame the second floor :).

The yard is a wreck!  I cringe each time I see the poured concrete on our grass like that.


Silver lining: A strong foundation for our forever home, that will be able to withstand California earthquakes.