A Visit to the Nursery

It is spring and I’ve got roses on my mind!

What a beautiful day it was here in Union City, CA.  The sun was shining and there was not a breeze in the air.  It was hot.  It felt like a perfect 74 degrees.

How else better to spend a spring day than a trip to Regan Nursery, which I lovingly call “the garden”.  The boys needed haircuts since it’s spring picture week this week so they went with Philip.  Besides, Gio had his Sunday visit with his bio-mom.  Off I went to the garden with Vivi, the loveliest blossom of them all.

I wanted to capture this picture of an 11 year old Climbing Eden.  This babe is a sight to see when it is in full bloom.  It took my breathe away last spring which is how I ended up with my Pink Eden.

I was extremely happy to see that the roses at Regan’s Nursery looked a lot like mine that I had just pruned!

Sun protection is important 🙂  Besides, I couldn’t help it.  I bought this Cece braided hat last summer and never wore it!

I had not planned on picking up a new rose today, honestly!  But who can help it on a day as gorgeous as this?  We have a neighbor who has over 120 potted roses in her front yard and each time we walk by her house, Philip always reminds me to “please don’t be like this lady.”  Yeah, okay.  In the back of my mind, I always wonder and think, “I might become just like her.”  My english rose obsession is real.

I went in search for the David Austin BoscobelImage result for david austin boscobelhttps://www.davidaustinroses.com/us/boscobel-shrub-rose#

I kept passing up on getting the Boscobel last year because the pictures were just so-so.  Then, I saw it when it was in full bloom.  Oh my, she was heart stopping.  It was hard to leave her, but I had choices to make.  I can’t remember which one I left with but since I had amassed a collection of 9 roses in a few short months, I really couldn’t justify getting this one too.  I told myself that I will get it next year.

It’s next year!  And they’re all GONE. 😦

This is another rose that I said I’ll add to my collection.  And IT’S ALL GONE TOO!!!  Double sad face.

Here’s the garden with all the roses getting ready for its spring show.

At last, we decided on this peach beauty.  Lady of Shallot.  I have so many pink roses that I need something to add to the yellow/orange collection.

Seriously?  How adorable is she!

It says on the tag that this rose is “ideal for inexperienced gardeners” so it’s perfect for me!  Cost is $70.  Purchasing roses at Regan Nursery  provides instant gratification, but boy are they PRICEY.

We also picked up some Japanese green onion seeds to plant.

Here’s a picture of a magnolia that we are going to plant in front of the house.  The City is requiring us to plant a small tree in place of a diseased large magnolia tree that they removed 10 years ago.  Of course they have no record of doing so SMH.

I put my name on the list to be contacted when the Boscobels come in, but I really did not want to play the “wait and see” game.  Mainly, I did not want to wait.  I’m pretty sure they are going to get more in stock.

Later this evening, I went online and searched for Boscobels on sale.  I ended up buying one each of the Boscobel and Wollerton Old Hall bare root roses for only $28.50 each on the David Austin website.  SCORE!!!  If you buy three of each, it is only $25.60 each.  I was very tempted but couldn’t justify spending another $30 LOL.

I can’t wait to get my bare root roses and see how all my new roses will fare this year!

Silver Lining: Spending an afternoon with Vivi walking through Regan Nursery.  One of my favorite things to do.  The best things in life are free!