Is Harlow Carr Dead?

My mom asked me if my roses are still okay, knowing that I had neglected them the last couple of months.

“I think so.”  That was two days ago.

Today, I’m not so sure.  So off to Google I went.  I entered “dead rose bush.”  I went to the images.

Well, this looks familiar.  Sigh.  At least this rose bush has some green on some of the canes.  I kept on researching.

…and came across this article.

How to Tell a Rose Bush is Dead

I followed the first three steps.

Step 3: Scratch at the skin of a cane with your fingernail looking for green tissue just beneath the surface. This is the plant’s cambium layer, which produces new cells. If there is no green, the cane is dead.

I used  a paring knife and scratched at the surface of the Harlow Carr.  Not sure if I’m wanting to see some green or actually am seeing green.  In any case, I’m going to hope for the best!!!

While I was at it, I checked on my Eden Climber, too. Whew she is alright folks!! She is okay. Just going through the new growth period. This one will require all the patience in the world.