The Roof

It is mid-June and our new house still does not have a roof.

Apparently, roof trusses are not typically part of the original blueprints.  Typically, this part of construction is deferred to a later date as it requires more involvement between the architect, the engineer, and the city approving the permits.  Trusses need to be drawn up by the engineer on record (1-2 weeks), then reviewed by planning (up to 3 weeks), and approved by the building department (1 week), who requires a written letter stating that “I, the engineer on record, drew up the plans for said house,” sign and deliver it and then we pay for the permit.  The drawings are submitted to the builder and they deliver the trusses and install it on the roof by a crane (another 2 weeks).

While we were waiting on the roof trusses status, Philip and I found out that we are expecting another baby.  This time, it’s an unplanned pregnancy.  We really didn’t expect to be able to get pregnant anymore after “trying” for 2 years.  I traveled a lot for work and then we got bogged down with Dan’s passing and our petition for my nephew’s guardianship.  It just didn’t happen when we wanted it to.

Even though I know deep down inside my heart that God is working on his plans for me on his own time, I still wonder if God has anything to do with the timing.  With everything.

Had I been pregnant and had a baby sooner, I don’t think I would’ve been able to devote so much time to the house construction and the guardianship petition, let alone raising and managing a household with 3 little children.  God didn’t think it was the best time then to get pregnant, so we didn’t.

Why now?  The house is stalled.  The roof that will provide shelter for my parents and my family seems like it will never be installed.  It is starting to feel like the house will sit unfinished, in disarray forever.  I know it won’t, but after two months of seeing no progress and no changes happening, it certainly is starting to feel like it.

Figuratively, Philip and I are also trying to put a roof over my nephew’s head and that seems to drag on forever too.  Can’t they see we are good providers?  I’m sure they do but the law sides with the biological parents.  I understand.

But why get pregnant now?  It doesn’t feel like a better time than 6 months or a year ago.

I was so sick with morning sickness during the first trimester from March to May.  For 12 weeks, I did nothing but lay in bed, either trying not to puke or eat a horse.  I have a new role at work too which required new training.  I was mentally tired and physically sick.  Looking back, I realize that things were put on pause because God was forcing me to take a break.  Now I am feeling much better.  Things are rolling again.

We found out that the trusses will be delivered in a week on 6/25.  Alleluia!  I am ever so grateful for the pause.

Our project should continue to progress quickly after that.  I am already starting to nest!  I can’t wait to settle into our new house.

Thank you Lord for all of the gifts that you continue to bless us with.