Whole House Remodel

Wow!  Can’t believe it’s really happening!

In planning for a multi-family generation household, we are adding a 790 square foot second story to our 1,400 square foot ranch house in the East Bay.

It will have a second master bedroom for my parents and another bedroom.  There will be a narrow living space, much like a loft, a tiny kitchen, and a washer and dryer.

The first floor will also undergo major renovations.  The foundations are going to be retrofitted with strongwalls and fire sprinklers will be installed throughout the whole house.  The master bathroom will be gutted and expanded.  The kitchen is being relocated.  There will be new hardwood floors everywhere.  The only space that will be untouched for the most part is the existing second bathroom.  It is still in good condition having been remodeled not too long ago.

Here are our architectural plans.

This image below is the second story layout.2nd Story Floorplan

The image below is the layout after knocking some walls down.  It also shows the expanded master bathroom after eating into the closet space, which is not big at all.  All in all, the new downstairs master bath will be about 75 square feet.

1st Floor Plan

Front elevation – beforeFront Elevation - pre-remodel


Front and rear elevation – afterFront Elevation w/ 2nd storyRear elevation w/ 2nd story


I’m anxious about how the house will look from the front by the time we are finished but I’m also excited.

Come with me on my family’s journey on the whole house remodel.  I promise there will be lots of fun 🙂

Silver lining: As shallow as this is, I am very excited about my new kitchen because it will be spacious for large family gatherings and safer since the kids bumped into chairs and table edges all the time in my current house.